Would You Pay-Off Your Child’s Partner ?

Many of us would impulsively say no, but what would we actually do?

The thought of me going through hours of labour, then raising the child is a lot of work, time, energy. But at the end of it all, I wouldn’t want someone swooping in to ‘sweep them off their feet’ if they’re not suitable. I’d want to raise my child to be independent and have their own thing(s) going on, so I’d expect their partner to have their own thing(s) going on and more. I’d be very judgmental about someone coming into my child’s life, but I think I’d be more protective over my daughter. It’s just maternal instincts and usually women get hurt more than men.

Let’s say if she brought home a bin-man. I don’t have anything against bin-men, if they have ambition and have other moves in motion to get them to where they want…

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Published by Keith Edward Baucum

Hello everyone my name is Keith Edward Baucum

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